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About Me

Hello, I'm Abdallah Awadalla, a full-stack software engineer with a knack for bridging design and functionality in web development. Leveraging my robust experience with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, and Node.js, I continuously seek innovative ways to turn my clients vision into reality.

I believe web development is more than just writing code – it's about solving challenges and crafting intuitive experiences for users. Whether I'm building a full-stack web app or a classic PONG game, my commitment to engineering excellence and user-centered design is evident. I look forward to utilizing my skills and passion to make a significant impact on your next project.

With a strong foundation in MERN stack development and an effective problem-solving aptitude, I seamlessly manage the end-to-end lifecycle of web applications. Having transitioned from warehouse management to software engineering, I bring a unique perspective that enables me to optimize solutions for improved user engagement. As I continue to learn and grow in this dynamic field, I look forward to the prospect of building more accessible, user-friendly, and innovative applications that truly make a difference.

Abdallah Awadalla

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  • Warehouse Manager @Napolitana Foods/Troia Foods

    2017-2023 | Hayward, CA

    Optimized inventory management and distribution processes, resulting in a 15% reduction in shrinkage. Successfully coordinated multiple projects concurrently in a deadline-driven environment. Trained 4 new employees and established a new onboarding flow

  • Manager @Nizarios Pizza

    2016-2017 | San Francisco, CA

    Grew monthly sales by 10% by focusing on catering orders and a focus on improved customer service. Optimized restaurant presence on 3rd party delivery apps leading to a 20% increase on DoorDash and UberEats platforms.


  • Software Engineering Immersive

    03/2023-06/2023 | General Assembly

    As a student, I completed an intensive twelve-week, full-time program in full-stack web development. This practical and immersive course, designed to emulate real-world professional environments, honed my abilities in both front-end and back-end technologies. My training was comprehensive, preparing me to directly apply my skills in today's tech industry.

  • Liberal Arts

    2019-2022 | Mission College, Santa Clara, CA

    Relevant courses included Java, Python, and Engineering. I also completed a number of general education courses, including Calculus, Physics, and English Composition.